Executive Compensation: A Director’s Guide

A comprehensive guide to help directors and senior officers understand executive compensation and make justifiable, sensible decisions. Executive Compensation: A Director’s Guide is designed to provide directors, CEOs, CFOs and HR professionals involved in executive compensation with a complete overview of executive compensation in Canada. The book is organized chronologically, from hiring senior officers and setting their employment and compensation terms to retirement or termination. It sets out, in clear and concise language, the information that directors should have to properly consider equity compensation plans. Each type of equity compensation plan is discussed, with its advantages and disadvantages, potential problems and business uses.

Executive Compensation: A Director’s Guide focuses on compensation governance, sets out processes for meeting fiduciary obligations and avoiding liability, outlines issues that arise in mergers and acquisitions, and provides insight into situations involving financial difficulty and insolvency. In a practical, accessible and business-focused format, the book provides in-depth information that directors and senior executives require to understand the executive compensation alternatives. This information will enable them to ask the right questions of professional advisers to ensure that the company properly retains and motivates its executive team.

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